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Dragon Scales

In the animal kingdom, scales are kind of a shield, to protect the animal that has them. Also, the coloration of those scales wearing animals is the product of the pigmentation of the scales. Although we haven’t touched or seen a dragon in real life, usually we picture their scales similar to the scales of some reptiles, with no specific coloration. We have selected some unique products with elements that resemble dragon scales on them.

dragon scales

Cover your skin with scales, feel the power of those magnificent creatures. The products we selected are amazing. If you are looking for an amazing scales armor we just have it for you. If you wear knight costumes, you will certainly have a knightly manner. Perfect for every knightly costume!
It would be a wonderful choice for a theme party, Halloween, etc. A great accessory for cosplay or larping experience. Fashion Style of the wristband can make you eye-catching and cool.

Adult Dragon Scales Gloves and other Costume Accessories are also available in our catalog. These slip-on gloves give you the appearance of having scaled hands and spikes just like the elder dragons.

Our selection also includes some amazing scales fabrics. These fabrics are ideal for costumes, dresses, leggings, clothing, nightgowns, prom dresses, swimsuits, interior decor and much more. Dragon scales leggings are made from Polyester/Spandex, they’re not only comfortable, but also thick enough to keep you warm under your clothes, and it can create a stylish and slim look that will make you look perfect. Prepare to fall in love with these comfortable tights. Choose from a wide selection of cute and awesome patterns; there’s sure to be one perfect for your vivacious personality.

In our catalog, you can find great pieces of jewelry, and scales rings are not the exception. We have selected some great pieces that you will love for sure. In different materials, shapes, and styles.

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