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Dragon Flags

Flags are symbols that represent great things. Originally were used as military standards to identify an army. But now they can be used as ornamental pieces that you can use in or outdoors. And being so we couldn’t resist!!! we included a variety of dragon flags to our store, from the flag of Wales to the flag of the House Targaryen.

dragon flags

The flag of Wales (sometimes referred to as the flag of England) has the image of the red dragon of Cadwaladr. One of the most iconic flags of European history. Our selection wouldn’t be complete without the Flag of Wales in it.

Game of Thrones and the book series by George R. R. Martin have had a great impact on today’s culture, dragons are in the mainstream. One of the most important houses in the GOP story is the House Targaryen or the house of Dragons. Well… we couldn’t leave its flag out of our selection.

Your garden will look incredible with one of the many decorative garden flags that we have selected. From GOT themed flags to total original models. Don’t miss the opportunity to decor your garden with something amazing and totally different like a flag.

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