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Celtic Dragons

Celtic Dragons are one of the most popular dragons kinds, in Celtic ireland, they were worshiped and where a symbol of power. Even the Celtic word for chief is “Pendragon”. Dragons were associated with the power of the land. That’s why we couldn’t leave behind such an important kind. We selected a great variety of products with this theme.

celtic dragons

Dragons are found in almost every culture. Some way or another they are mention. Maybe the physical and mental features and also the meaning of their representation could change from culture to culture. In the case of the celtic dragon, it is believed that they belong to a world parallel to the physical one. The Druids believed that dragons have powers over the land.

“Druids believed that the path the dragons took was important to the flow of energy through the physical world. Areas, where a dragon passed often, where dragon paths crossed or places a dragon, stopped to rest became more powerful than the areas surrounding it. ” Source

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